Thomas Stone creates his immersive music using contrabassoon, samplers, loop pedals and activated percussion.

Blurring the boundaries between electronic and acoustic sound production the compositions explore themes of ritual and presence.

An enforced simplicity runs throughout the dreamlike sound world conjured from slowly evolving motifs using the lowest and highest notes possible on the contra’ accompanied by a hiss and murmur from the percussion and pulse driven samples breaking to moments of fragile beauty.

Takahiro Kawaguchi

The objects used in Kawaguchi’s performances and installations apparently seems strange, but most of them are the ensemble of phenomena which surface by liberating the daily goods from their uses or definition. Kawaguchi uses things anyone can get; converted everyday materials, and so on, but the effects are far more extended from their original potential ones. Works made of them are shown with it’s most suitable formats; performances, installations, and CDs. All of them are site-specific and makes the audience realize the time strongly. He focuses not only on playing sound but on composing the whole space by arranging sound and light.