art pop/experimental pop/electro-acoustic/audio-viusual performance art

Waterflower” is artist Sabine Moore’s audiovisual Art Pop project. The stage image is inspired by turn of the 19th century Art Nouveau illustrations (e.g. Mucha and Beardsley). Musically, Waterflower draws upon genres like Electronica, Experimental Pop. Her multilayered compositions are created from sampled sounds like toy beeps, running water, glass beads, gardening tools, and are then mixed with sharp and bass-heavy electronic beats, violin, ghostly piano melodies and her sublime vocals. On stage, a live potted plant is transformed into a touchsensitive synthesizer using capacitative sensor technology., also this allows the plant to also act as a real-time midi controller for the artist’s visuals. The video animations display themes such as nature, science and the interaction of the two. One could say that “Waterflower” is like a sci-fi journey to a world outside of our timeline.

Moore assembles a multitude of sounds into unpredictable collages, and it’s not unusual to hear a piano warbling at the center of a pulsating whorl of processed rattle and thrum. Following a Popol Vuh-styled opening salvo (“Tree’s Hands”), vocals surface in “Sniegoti” to immediately alter one’s take on the Waterflower project. Moore multiplies her voice until it becomes a babbling brook of vocalese and in so doing amplifies the trippy quality of her musical world.”






Sam Haven creates harrowing sonic meditations that seamlessly blend ambient soundscapes with gently imposing classical elements. The inner world is given a life that reaches the depths of our own personal turmoils, sharing empathy for the dark ecology that lays within us all.” From Brisbane, Australia





Emerging from the West Midlands bringing ambient experimental electronic music. A pair of individuals operate the controls of modular synthesisers, vintage analogue gear, guitars and an array of effects to sculpt auditory landscapes, worlds from waveforms in the pursuit of gesamtkunstwerk. Melody and discord sit side by side in this sensory journey to the depths of the Voyd.

Voyd is Jack Nelson and Andrew Marsden.

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