A ‘frenetic, a wild, free jazz cacophony, a melange of clamorous, ultra-hyped horns, sonorous lowed drone and is dominated by truly frenzied, cacophonous bent. Circuits fizz and hum while the percussion thrashes and crashes arrhythmically, throwing the listener around with reckless abandon a roller coaster of tempestuous sonic mania’


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ORE is the drone, doom tuba sound of Sam Underwood.

Dissonant tones rub together like giant battleships scraping along one another as the duo of Ore alternate between passages of static drone and slow groans of ‘riff’.



Miller Killer Age 9, Zacattackk Age 10 and Dave ( a bit older) form this power trio, who have all grown up on the sounds of Sabbath and are powered by Haribo.