CEE Creatives Network

This network exists to support the Central and Eastern European migrant artists, curators, producers and other creative professionals currently working in the UK arts and culture sector. Through the structure of a centralised database, this network brings together creative peers to self-promote, collaborate, and share opportunities – whether working in art, music, production, or any range of disciplines.

Centrala works toward achieving better inclusion of CEE art and representation of CEE creatives in artistic and cultural scene in the UK. We are doing it by researching, increasing capacity and policy influence. You can see our publishes report on underrepresentation of CEE art and artists here

Joining the network is simple by filling in this form– you will next, be added to the database and to the CEE Creatives Network mailing list, where you will stay up-to-date with the network and related events. We are currently working on developing online share and contact solution for our members and hoping we will be able to provide it soon.

This network is created to provide support, advocacy and representation for creatives from Central and Eastern Europe with experience in migration. The network is dedicated to a wide range of creative fields, including arts, heritage, music, producing, research and technical professions.

How we meet?

We are organising regular networking events in London (Pushkin House) , Birmingham (Centrala) and due to start in Manchester.

How Membership works?

Membership is completely free and continuous. The network is dedicated to artists, curators, producers and other creative professions from Centrala and Eastern Europe but as we are accepting everyone who feels part of this community. We are collecting information on nationality and ethnicity, creative practice, current job and interest. This help us to assess the needs of the members, give us idea of scale and number of CEE creatives. We encourage members to provide portfolio and links, this help us to direct opportunities to members and provide recommendations.

Development of this network is not currently unfounded and relies on dedication of our team and partners we are working with.

What network offers?

  • News and updates
  • Members updates- we share the news from and bout members on the newsletter and our social media
  • Networking opportunities
  • Practice presentation and exposure
  • coming up- network database
  • Recommendations and endorsements

What our members say:

“We are glad we have joined CEE Creatives Network. In only two months, we were able to connect with other creatives sharing similar interests. Thanks to the meetings, we have been invited to the new podcast From The Bloc to promote our theatre and upcoming shows at Edinburgh and Camden Fringe. Moreover, Centrala Space helped us to spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign. It feels amazing to be a part of this growing community. We feel inspired and supported!”

Slovak Theatre in London

We invite Ukrainians in Birmingham to take part in focus groups!

As an Eastern European expat living in the UK I was feeling completely isolated from my own community. Joining CEE Creatives Network and participating in their event was a game changer for me and my creative work. I not only found a supportive network of people with similar backgrounds to mine, but also got approached by fantastic collaborators and found a new audience for my projects.

Ella Gancarz, From the Bock podcast