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A series of 6 free workshops to inform and inspire Central and Eastern European migrant cultural leaders. 

Would you like to find out more about setting up and running a community organisation? This series of workshops will help you to understand what it is to be a leader, how to set up and run your own business, how to promote yourself, and build confidence in yourself as well as others!

Effective Communication, Influencing, and Using Social Media on Saturday 18th May 2024, 10:30 AM – 3:30PM

Led by Saima Razzaq – Industry Professional

Effective marketing can enable your business to flourish! This session will explore the different marketing methods and tactics available to individuals and organisations for low cost and high impact marketing. We will also discuss the simple steps to plan and develop a marketing and communications strategy which will work for you and your business.

Financial Health and Independence Saturday 8th June 2024, 10:30AM – 3:30PM

Led by Aga Moczynska – educator, entrepreneur, property finance specialist, founder of the brokerage company Hussaria Group Ltd.

Financial health is especially important for migrants from Central and Eastern Europe as they navigate life in a new country. Understanding and managing your finances can help you achieve stability, independence, and the dream of homeownership. This workshop is designed to empower our community by providing essential knowledge on budgeting, credit management, and saving strategies. By building strong financial foundations, you can ensure a secure future for yourself and your family. Join us to learn how to prepare for buying a home and take the first step towards financial empowerment and stability. Book here.

Building Confidence and Resilience Saturday 13th July 2024, 10:30AM – 3:30PM

Project Development: Launch Your Business Saturday 14th September 2024, 10:30AM – 3:30PM

Building Management Skills Saturday 12th October 2024, 10:30AM – 3:30PM

Community Engagement, Empowerment, and Developing Campaigns Saturday 9th November 2024, 10:30AM – 3:30PM

This series of workshops is free of charge.

All sessions will be held in person at Centrala:

Unit 4 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Birmingham, B5 5RT

If you have any questions or queries, please email: community@centrala-space.org.uk

CEEus! – See Chances, Inspire Changes, Make Noise
These training sessions are part of CEEus!, a network of collaboration, community and creativity which represents Central and Eastern European migrants in the UK. CEEus! promotes CEE migrant rights and provides support to empower and encourage individuals to share their experiences, to work together, to lead their communities and to challenge xeno-racism and hostility.

Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation