Mental Health Support

Good mental health and well-being are essential for a happy and satisfying life and become even more important in difficult times especially when adapting to a new country. At Centrala we understand how challenging migration can be and we have created support for newly arriving Ukrainians with Ukrainian-speaking psychologists.  We offer various forms of support to help with existing issues, prevent the development of difficulties and create nurturing space environment for maintaining good well-being

Available Support:

Mental Health Support Group –Every Tuesday 4pm-6pm,

Women Support Coffee & Chat Group – Every Thursday from 4-6pm at Centrala cafe.

Coming soon:

  • Mindfulness and Wellbeing – sessions will start soon
  • Mental Health First Aid trainings- dates will be announced soon
  • Creative Healing-details will be announced soon
Please send email to if you have any additional questions.

About support group:

Facilitated by an Ukrainian speaking psychologist. A support group is a safe place where you can talk about your emotions and circumstances with others who know how you feel and won’t judge or criticize you. It can also help you to: Learn better coping strategies. As you go through challenging circumstances, you may need to learn new ways to cope.

Each meeting meeting is dedicated to a different well-being topic, and the group will be friendly and informal. We will teach various skills and techniques of self-care, and stress realises using practical exercises.

About Women coffee and chat group:

Many of us, women who have come to Birmingham may feel exhausted and lonely without the support of families and friends. Starting from 6th of July, every Thursday at the Women’s group we will get to know each other, discover common interests, support one another, and gather resources for each day. Together we will work towards bringing joy back into our lives and maintaining our psychological well-being

About Facilitator:

Kseniia Komazova in a Ukrainian Wellbeing Worker.

Ksenia is a psychologist, art therapist, who has been working with adults and children affected by the war since the beginning of the war.

Her approach is people-focused and her priorities are support and respect.