Maja ∀. Ngom: ‘All that they hide from Themselves will be revealed to Them’

All that they hide from Themselves will be revealed to Them is a body of work which invites us on an intimate journey into the artist’s own family landscape. Drawing on Maja’s personal experience of growing up in an intergenerational and multiracial family in Poland, Ngom’s work explores the idea of tenderness and ambiguity of family ties, and reflects on a sense of rupture and out-of-placeness occurring in those relations.
The exhibition combines photography and sculpture, both disciplines historically concerned with the issues of presence. Here, they often suggest the failure of preservation and the pervading notion of absence as they perpetually hide and reveal the unfamiliarity of the family.

Maja ∀. Ngom is a Polish-Senegalese visual artist. Her practice combines photography, video and text with elements of sculpture and installation.
She explores subjects related to identity in a context of belonging, otherness, and modes of representation she often draws on her experience of dual origins. In her recent works she takes up the topics of race and blackness starting from a broad perspective of Black Studies and focusing on a specific shape of these categories in the view of the Polish context.

Selected shows include Returning to the Future, Zielona Gora Biennale, Zielona Gora (2020), Recovery, Chalton Gallery, London (2020), Fade to Blue Pop-up gallery, London (2019), Art out of the Bloodlands: A century of Polish Artists in Britain, Ben Uri Gallery, London (2017), Gender Generation, Royal College of Art, London (2017).