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Eastern Bloc Songs: Party, Pop and Politics By Wayne Burrows

Centrala presents Wayne Burrows’ Eastern Bloc Songs: Party, Pop and Politics, exhibition about the history and development of popular music from former Eastern Bloc Communist states during 1963 - 1988. 

The specificity of those artists lies in their singular stylistic identity - they appear as unique blend of various influences such as local musical tradition and Anglo - American patterns, both under restrictions of oppressive regime. What is important for Wayne Burrows’ approach to those issues is the implicit parallel between state restricted artistic freedom of 1963-1988 period in Eastern Bloc countries and the contemporary shape of artists’ working conditions, which depend on Western neoliberal ideology. 

Associated Events:

8th of September 2018, 2pm, Discussion with Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou, Darryl Georgiou and David Crowley chaired by Wayne Burrows

Uprising: Spirit of 68’ Film Screenings (Please visit our website for full details) 


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