Ukrainian Season: People Power – Ukrainian Sheriffs + Q&A

Ukrainian Sheriffs, directed by Roman Bondarchuk

Runtime: 1h 25m

Welcome to Stara Zburievka, a small town at a turning point in Ukraine’s history, where local sheriffs Viktor and Volodya are trying to keep the peace. 

In Stara Zburivka, on the mayor’s initiative, people chose two local men, Victor and Volodya, and gave them power to take care of the public order, as well as a car, and named them “sheriffs”. 

Following Viktor and Volodya on their everyday duties – involving stolen ducks and drunken neighbours – Ukrainian Sheriffs gives us a look beyond the war and the ongoing political events inside the everyday life of the villagers, foregrounding the tension between personal survival and political justice.

What was meant to be a film about a few people from the Ukrainian countryside and their everyday struggles, at the end portrays the faith of a whole nation during the turning period in its history.

The screening will be  followed by a Q&A with director Roman Bondarchuk. Hosted by curator Olga Sydorushkina.

Presented in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute London and Docudays UA as part of Ukrainian Season: People Power.