The Unbearable Lightness of Being – Uprising 68′ screening

As part of Eastern Bloc Songs: Party, Pop and Politics and #Uprising68 we are happy to invite You for the screening of Philip Kaufman’s ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’ based on the Milos Kudera’s famous novel which action happens during the events of Prague Spring in 1968.

By the series of ‘Uprising The Spirit of ’68’ we want to celebrate the round 50th anniversary of Prague Spring 1968 – one of the major political and cultural events happening all over XXth century Europe. After a few months of liberalization in Czechoslovakia during the spring of 1968, Soviet Union and other members of the Warsaw Pact invaded the country to stop the reforms and start occupation. That period of time, which combined political freedom and oppression triggered interesting cultural vibe of politically engaged art.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being shows life of main chracters – intelectualist doctor Thomas, his lovers and wife during the 1968 invasion by the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact.

Those events are not just a background for the main plot of the movie, witch at first glance could be just a story about difficult love feelings. Events of 1968 not only are have a deep influence on main characters choices, but they are also showing the state of Czech souls and minds at the time.

Join us on 11th of October from 6pm at Centrala and commemorate with us the 50th anniversary of Prague Spring!

Two weeks later – 25th of October we will host the last screening from the series of ‘Uprising -The Spirit of ’68’ meetings – Refugees – a Marian Marzyńskis documentary film about Polish citizens of Jewish origin who needed to leave poland after the march 68 events.

Uprising -The Spirit of ’68’ events are prepared in cooperation with #filmhubmidlands