Not a Crab, Not a Fish Dance – piece on Central & Eastern European identity

Join Bulgarian dance artist Stephanie Handjiiska and Polish composer Michał Kawecki for a dance performance at Centrala on the 14th September.

Not a Crab, Not a Fish is asking the questions:

Who are the Central & Eastern Europeans in the UK?

What is the relationship with their heritage and how has migration changed this?

Stephanie Handjiiska uses interviews with migrants, elements of rituals of her home Bulgaria, contemporary dance and costume work that blends contemporary fashion and tradition to research the CEE soul & identity in contemporary Britain.

Join us for an evening of dance, and you’re welcome to stay for a talk with the artists after.

This event is a part of 2 weeks long residency of Stephanie at Centrala. During this time, artists also will run movement workshop, follow link here for details. Stephanie will also be a special guest presenting her practice during CEE creatives network meeting on the 6th of September. Click here for details.

Participate further:

Not a Crab, Not a Fish is a project that gathers interviews from Central & Eastern European identifying migrants in the UK on the topics of migration, the relationship with their heritage and beasts of their national mythology.

If you’re interested in giving us an anonymous audio interview, please drop us a message at