Black Country Type: Photowalk For Ukrainians

In collaboration with Post-Socialist Britain? we have organised a PhotoWalk with Artist Tom Hicks for Ukrainians as part of Refugee Week, celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and those seeking sanctuary.

Black Country Type is a photography project led by Artist Tom Hicks and shared from his influential Instagram account @blackcountrytype. Through his photography, Tom applies his unique perspective onto the region, focusing on words, typography, handmade lettering and signs. His photography also captures types of architectural features and buildings in the ever-evolving Black Country landscape.

Post-Socialist Britain?: Memory, Representation and Political Identity amongst German, Polish and Ukrainian Immigrants in the UK explores the connection between memory and identity in the context of migration with a particular focus on movers from Central, East and Southeast Europe and their integration into diverse communities. The project thinks about how the changes brought about by the end of the Cold War means that Britain can itself be thought of as a “postsocialist” space. More Information Here.

This event will be a great space for you to come together and share your ideas as well as uncovering Digbeths Heritage, and an opportunity to contribute your own stories to the work of Post-Socialist Britain?

This Event is FREE for Everyone, please reserve your spaces now.

There will be a Follow up Feedback session on the 15th of July from 12-2pm, which will give you a chance to have your favourite photos printed and also to take part in a research project on memory, migration and identity.