Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM

Wolf Eyes Solo Sets/Wild Rani/Orphax

//Nate Young (solo set, Wolf Eyes) // John R Spykes (solo set, Wolf Eyes) // Wild Rani // Orphax // Simon Paton // Yellow6

//NATE YOUNG is a founding member of seminal
Detroit noise band Wolf Eyes. More recently he's been honing an equally
distinctive solo sound that blends myriad sources from musique concrète,
vintage film atmospherics, layered synths and archive library recordings into
something thrillingly intense. Summoning up crushingly ominous crepuscular
soundscapes and synth-washed phantasmagoria, Young undercuts the brutalism of
Wolf Eyes with the kind of ambient dread that conjures images of lost horror
soundtracks from the 70's. Minimal analogue synth violence is punctuated by
thunder cracks of metal percussion ala the early Akita/Null Merzbow duets,
massively doomy beat hypnotics and an atmosphere that's somewhere between the
most apocalyptic Throbbing Gristle recordings. This February sees the release
of ‘Dilemmas of Identity’, volume one in a new multi-part series of solo
releases from Young for Lower Floor Music. These songs were commonly made as a
distraction from grief, seasonal depression and isolation. Sometimes severely
ridiculous and unrelenting, other times slow, sparse and strange.

//JOHN R. SPYKES aka Inzane Johnny of Wolf Eyes
and American Tapes will be treating us to a solo slice from his mind platter,
featuring damaged rippers and modulations galore. As a part of Wolf Eyes, John
Olson is responsible for augmenting the USA's longest-running homemade,
primitive, electronic, poetry & radical vibes trio. They don't just release
albums they launch scotched, taped nuclear audio fronts on humanity. Spykes is
a project Olson has visited many times since its inception in 1999, constantly
unearthing new sounds from the same old grey feelings of Midwestern winters
inside. Absolute free jams promised, firing on all cylinders, a warped madness
of atomised sonics.

//WILD RANI (Rebecca Mahay)

Wild Rani, an audio-visual performance artist from
Birmingham, returns to Centrala for a synth/percussion/vocal/video performance.
She also performs as MIRROR II RORRIM with Heath Moerland. Wild Rani will also
be performing at Colour Out Of Space in Brighton at the end of April.”

//Orphax is a musical project with the focus on
minimal ambient and drone music.
In the music there is a development towards
microtonal sounds, where time and spatiality are important factors.
In this form of working the eventual result can be
a static form of sound where development in the music becomes subordinate to
the listener losing any sense of time.

//Birmingham based composer/improviser/academic
Simon Paton, “Despite the influence of groups such as Extreme Noise Terror,
Naked City and The Locust marking their fingerprints all over the work, the
music also pinches elements of twelve tone composition, post-metal and skronky
free improv.”(hundredyearsgallery)

//Yellow6 is the solo project of British guitarist
Jon Attwood. Yellow6 has at times been described as post-rock, minimalist,
electronica, ambient… the reality is that Yellow6 has some similarity with each
of those genres but is not so easily definable, using aspects of drone,
repetition, melody, harmony, noise and silence to create absorbing soundscapes
to drift off into


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Cost: £6-£8
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