Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM

Soft Issues // Ryosuke Kiyasu // Harpoon // Blackcloudsummoner

Soft Issues (Cattle, The Wound)

The Leeds based duo create anxiety ridden harsh electronics that combine elements of techno, power electronics and rhythmic pulsations. Listen to their incredible aural assault of a debut via Opal Tapes:

Ryosuke Kiyasu (Sete Star Sept)

Intense snare drum ridden improvisation. Absolute utter insanity from Tokyo, Japan! You can listen via the bandcamp page:


Minimal Techno duo based in Bristol. Heavily cathartic techno with rumbling thuds and pulsations. You can listen via the link below:


Nottingham based noise abrasion. Witness Andy open an expansive yet blissful portal. Listen to the excellent Ceremonial Laptop debut via the link below:



Phone: 0121 513 0240

Space A
Cost: £5 on the door