Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM

Hannah Marshall (solo) + Opstad/Scott/Svosve/Wright

two sets of improvised music
Hannah Marshall - 'cello (solo), James Opstad - double bass, Richard Scott - viola, mandolin, objects, Tapiwa Svosve - alto saxophone, objects, Joe Wright - tenor saxophone, electronics

Hannah explores approaches to playing the 'Cello,
using free improvisation, experimental composition and collaboration, working
solo and also with groups, projects and musicians in the UK and wider Europe.
And she collaborates with artists working in theatre, dance, storytelling,
visual art and film, fulfilling roles such as performer, sound designer,
composer & outside ears/eyes. Frequent collaborators are: Veryan Weston,
Julie Kjaer, Alex Ward, Alison Blunt, Rachel Musson, Otto Willberg, John
Butcher & Evan Parker.

Richard and Tapiwa have been playing as a duo
since they met in 2014 and have collaborated with a wide variety of musicians,
individually and together, including Eddie Prévost, Phil Durrant, Christian
Weber, Mark Sanders, Rachel Musson, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Carlo Costa,
Silvan Schmid, Sarah Farmer, Joe Wright and Samuel Rodgers.

ergod released their debut album, Macrotonality,
on their own label, Physical Correlate, in December 2018.

Richard Scott is a musician and visual artist
based in Birmingham, UK with interests in pattern, liminality and varying modes
of perception and control. His musical activities are split between
improvising, composing and performing contemporary scored music, and playing
traditional Scandinavian music for dance.

Tapiwa Svosve is a Swiss-Zimbabwean saxophonist
living in Zurich. He plays various musics, with various people, is a founding
member of the Gamut Kollektiv and an organiser at Taktlos Festival and IGNM
Zürich. He holds a BA degree of music from the Zurich University of Arts, failed
to live in London after a short period and started to make drawings again.

James and Joe are two thirds of the trio
duck-rabbit, which they founded with Tom Taylor in 2014.

James Opstad is a double bass player and composer.
Since graduating from the Royal Academy of Music in 2011, he has lived a
diverse musical life, increasingly dedicating himself to experimental music. He
performs with duck-rabbit and Apartment House and is currently pursuing a PhD
at the University of Birmingham.

Joe Wright is a musician and researcher based in
London, interested in control/chaos in interactive systems.


Phone: 0121 513 0240

Cost: £5