Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM

DFF/ The Digital Diaspora opening /Jens Masimov performance

For DFF Centrala presents a group exhibition “The Digital Diaspora” organised in collaboration with Short Circuit Project.

6pm- exhibition opening
7-8pm & 9-10pm- Jens Masimov live perfomance

Zoe Aiano / Anna Jochymek / Tamara Kametani / Jens Masimov

Through performative action, immersive and
interactive measures, artists’ work directly responds to the current
socio-political climate of the continent addressing key issues of migration,
borders, territory, cultural identity, belonging and isolation. Most artists in
the exhibition reveal a deeply personal connection to their work through direct
associations with their cultural backgrounds, personal histories or
relationships cultivated over many years of ethnographic research.

Artist Jens Masimov at 7PM activates his new
work ‘Mapping Through Network Technologies’, a home server acting as a virtual
headspace wherein a reality and a simulation intertwine. The server will be
accessible 24/7 for anyone with internet access. This open-source way of
working and distribution mirrors Masimov’s lived experiences and emotions concerning
mixed identities and the constant multidirectional motion that ensues.

The Digital Diaspora at Centrala in Birmingham on 1 March
2019 and Studio 44 in Stockholm on 15 March
2019 presenting itself to two different European audiences – one remaining in
the EU and the other in pursuit of its former sovereignty and independence.

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