Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM

Body Electric + CineQ After Hours: CineQ Film Festival 2019

Modesty comes in many forms, but it’s most
appreciated when matched by a generosity of spirit. “Body Electric,” Marcelo
Caetano’s debut as feature director, is a character study of a 23-year-old gay
man who hasn’t figured out what he wants out of life, realized with sensitivity
as well as a complete lack of pretension. Affection for the protagonist remains
constant as he flows between groups, accumulating lovers who become friends,
and searches for a way through the kind of healthy uncertainty that too often,
in less understanding hands, is presented as a negative trait. Although the
focus occasionally wanders, “Body Electric” is a satisfying, warmhearted film
whose understated charms leave a pleasant glow. It’s a pity viewership will
largely be limited to LGBT outlets, since mainstream festivals would also get a
charge from its low-key current. - Variety

Cost: £5 - £8.50
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