Employability Support

We are offering advice and support to enable Migrants in Birmingham to gain the skills necessary to find employment in the UK and learn how to navigate UK employments market.

Job Club

Job Club sessions are on drop-in basis, there’s no need to register !

Our Employability Advisor at Centrala can help you to write your cv, cover letter, search for the job, fill in application forms and answer any questions regarding your career or education.

We also have laptops and printers accessible for you to use.

Every Thursday 10am – 12pm!

Employability Workshops

The Workshops are running from 10am – 12pm on the following dates:

·      Tuesday 24th October – Looking for work in the UK

In this workshop you will find out how to:

·      Use UK job boards to search for jobs

·      Create your own profile on reputable job sites

·      Upload a CV to your profile

·      Tuesday 7th November – CV writing for migrants

In this workshop you will find out how to:

·      Write a CV that UK employers want to see 

·      Keep your CV relevant and up-to-date

·      Format your CV so it looks professional and stands out.

·      Tuesday 21st November – Cover letters for migrants

In this workshop you will find out how to:

·      Write a cover letter

·      Adapt your cover letter to different employers

·      Format your cover letter so it looks professional.

·      Tuesday 5th December – Preparing for job interviews in the UK

In this workshop, you will find out how to:

·      Prepare everything you need for a job interview

·      Handle difficult interview questions

·      Use techniques to answer competency-based questions

·      Practice your interview skills in a mock interview.

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