Aver & Move 78 will be playing ‘Dressed For CCTV’ live. The first single from the album was Single of the Month in DJMag (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INnt2nGBr0A) and another track was made Beat of the Week on Huey Morgan’s BBC 6 music show.

AVER – ‘Dressed For CCTV’: http://hyperurl.co/DresseforCCTV

The group comprises of Doron Segal (keyboards), Hal Strewe (bass), Nir Sabag (drums), Omri Abramov (saxophone) and Aver (sampler/production).

Doron, Nir, Omri, and Hal have been fixtures in the Berlin jazz scene for the past five years, hosting jams and live events, as well as touring with their own groups and playing in innumerable other bands. Most notably, Doron, Nir, and Omri are also part of J.Lamotta’s live band (Jakarta Records). Omri tours with avant-garde rock outfit Alex’s Hand and was formerly part of experimental jazz duo Niogi. Nir was the leader of the Bones Trio, an Israeli free jazz group and Doron has just released his debut album, The Addition of Strangeness, with his own trio on Village Live Records.

Aver was part of both Dayse & Aver and The Natural Curriculum and has been releasing his own hip-hop records independently since 2011. During the making of his last solo album, Dressed For CCTV, he began enlisting the help of Nir, Doron, Omri and Hal to add live elements to his sample-based instrumentals. Since the release of the album they collectively began working on a live set to showcase the new material, and in the process began recording new tracks of their own under the name Move 78.

The band has recently finished recording its debut album. In the studio, Aver played clusters of breaks and samples, which the musicians extensively improvised around. He has then taken these recordings and torn them apart to create a moody brand of automated jazz.

The album is scheduled for release on Village Live Records Summer 2019. Before this in April 2019, Aver & Move 78 are doing a small UK tour of Birmingham, Manchester & Leeds, where they will be selling their first 7″ as a band, featuring tracks ‘Housecat’ and ‘Live From The Village’.


Joe Corfield – Joe Corfield is a 23-year-old producer from Birmingham (UK), his style is heavily sample-based but also includes hints of Rhodes, guitar, and synthesizer recordings over his instrumentals. He is most influenced by jazz music and has worked with various UK rap artists including the likes of High Focus. He put out his first vinyl release with Radio Juicy in 2017 titled ‘Phase Shift’, but has been releasing music since 2014. He has plans for more instrumental releases and various collaborations overseas and here at home in the UK.

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