Tim Holehouse ft. Vincent Sledgers & Jessie Eastfield

Tim Holehouse ft. Vincent Sledgers & Jessie Eastfield

7th December, 8pm, £3 entry (OTD)


Tim Holehouse (Nomadic)

Tim Holehouse has spent the last 10 years on the road touring his ass off to play his music to the people of the world, playing his brand of mutant delta blues (delta blues played by a guy who was raised on a musical diet of being in Hardcore bands like Minor Threat, Husker du, Minute men and Black Flag). 

Not touring for huge profits (just enough to get by) or to seek fame, just a pure love of music, travelling and adventure. 

The archetypal image of a bluesman, outcast from proper society and stalked by personal demons. The defining characteristic of Delta blues is instrumentation and an emphasis on rhythm and “bottleneck” slide. When Holehouse arrived in a new town, he would play for tips on street corners or in front of the local barbershop or a restaurant. Holehouse also had an uncanny ability to establish a rapport with his audience – in every town in which he stopped, Holehouse would establish ties to the local community that would serve him well when he passed through again a month or a year later. Ok these things where written about Delta Blues Musicians of the 1920’s and 1930’s but sums up what i am trying to do now. I travel I play music for music’s sake. It has its roots in the delta blues with my own personal twist on it. I live by my rules and those rules are best summed up by something a friend of mine from Winnipeg told me once. Creativity, Adventure and People. Things I will not do Appear in my own music videos! Have my name or face on a shirt! Sell my soul! I enjoy playing music, if you want me to come to your town play get in touch. Let the good times roll!

Tim Holehouse is a versatile musician when it comes to musical genres: Black Metal, Hardcore, Experimental, Sludge – these genres are pies in which Tim Holehouse had his fingers in. Now, he is mostly touring as a blues guitarist with strong roots in the Delta Blues period, but with a lot of personality that is evidence for his musical endeavors.


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· Broken Bones (Official Video)


·Frank (Official Video Promo)  


Tim Holehouse – Frank (Official Video Promo)

· La Rambler (live)



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·       http://www.lphoolpa.org/2013/12/tim-holehouse.html

·       http://diyconspiracy.net/tim-holehouse/

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·       http://timholehouse.com/

Vincent Slegers
Vincent Slegers originally started playing blues in February 2011 after hearing Blind Willie Johnson’s “Dark was the night, cold was the ground”, and it has been one hell of a ride ever since.
Aged 23, this Belgian brings original songs in the tradition of the North Mississippi Hill Country Blues, characterized by a stompbox, a growling voice and distinct slide guitar accompaniment. There is nothing fancy to this gritty performance, just a good Backwoods-shotgun-shack-groove. He might be young, but has regular shows throughout Europe. Personal highlights include opening for Jan Akkerman, one of the world most renowned guitarists, getting represented by both Chulahoma Blues & Roots Booking Agency and Rootstown, and headlining at the Van Thom Weekender 2014 in Bremen. 2015 has been a year of musical co-operations, with shared stages with Gipsy Rufina (IT), Tim Holehouse (UK), Dylan Walshe (IR), Freeborn Brothers (PL), Long Line Down (DK), Reverend Deadeye (US), …


With Support from Jessie Eastfield