One Day Without Us

One Day Without Us

Since the June referendum, EU nationals and non-European immigrants in the UK have come under enormous pressure. Hate crimes have risen across the country.

Anti-immigrant hostility pours from our newspapers and from the mouths of politicians. Even children in our schools are being bullied and told to go home.

We cannot just stand by and allow this to happen.
On Monday February 20, to coincide with UN World Day of Social Justice, we are inviting EU citizens and immigrants from outside the European Union to take part in a nationwide boycott, and show how much they have given to our society.

And we invite British-born citizens, many of whom are the children and grandchildren of immigrants themselves, to stand alongside the men, women and children who are our doctors, nurses, carers, students, farm workers, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, hotel staff, taxi drivers, writers, colleagues, workmates and classmates.
For twenty-four hours, take time out from your normal activities. Close your businesses. Stop work for the whole day or only for part of it. Leave your classes.

Join us at the Ort Gallery from 4pm to celebrate migrants’ contributions to Birmingham’s vibrant life. This is your day. Whatever your nationality and place of origin; wherever you live and work, we invite you to join us and make February 20 a day of protest, solidarity and celebration.

We are millions. Let us stand together and show it.
Let’s reject the politics of division and hatred.
Let’s make tomorrow better than today.
Join the boycott.’