29 Nov JAR Jewellery Selling Event

We are jar Jewellery. A company of second year BA Jewellery Design and Related Products students and we’re holding a showcase of our new handmade collections on the 29th of...

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27 Nov

Sunday 27th November 6pm MAC Birmingham Age: 15 + Tickets: £8 / £6 Directed by László Nemes, drama, 107 min, eng subtitles Anchored by a riveting and intensely brave performance from newcomer Géza Röhrig, Son of Saul...

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26 Nov Music Video Klub Special

Saturday 26th of November 8pm Centrala Price: Free Music Video Klub and O!PLA ACROSS THE BORDERS #4 presents: 5 YEARS IN POLISH ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEOS (2011 – 2015) This special Polish Edition of Music Video...

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26 Nov In Bloom/Grdzeli Nateli Dgheebi + Q&A

Saturday 26th of November 6pm MAC Birmingham Age: 15 + Tickets: £8 / £6 Directed by Nana Ekvtimishvili , drama, 102 min, eng subtitles A coming-of-age drama entwined with a political statement, In Bloom underscores its...

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26 Nov The Last Family/ Ostatnia rodzina

Saturday 26th of November 12 pm The Electric Cinema Age: 15 + Tickets: £13.90, £10.50, £8.70, £5.90 Directed by Jan P. Matuszyński, drama, 123 min, eng subtitles Based on the bizarre true story of the...

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25 Nov United States of Love/Zjednoczone Stany Miłości

Friday 25th of November 8 pm MAC Birmingham Age: 18+ Tickets: £4.50 Directed by Tomasz Wasilewski, drama, 106 min, eng subtitles Channelling the spirit of Fassbinder, Tomasz Wasilewski’s third feature is a visually striking...

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25 Nov Maidan + Q&A

Friday 25th November 7pm ORT Café Age: 12 + Tickets: £4.50 Directed by Sergei Loznitsa, drama, 127 min, eng subtitles Maïdan chronicles a civil uprising against the regime of president Yanukovych which took place in Kiev...

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25 Nov Post-Paradise (3)

 Friday 25th of November 7pm Centrala Tickets £5 Post-Paradise is a concert series curating regular new music events in Birmingham, showcasing local composers and artists amongst guests from a round the UK and abroad. The November edition...

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