15 Mar Tremble

TREMBLE is an event coming together through collaborative working between Guy Dubious and Stuart Mugridge; an acoustic research into murmuring and the mundane. Not entirely a duet, almost musical, beneath...

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Art Monthly March 2017 cover

08 Mar Art Monthly Review of Seventeen

  “With her film One, 2016, Grotova creates a jumbled, repetitive timeline as her three female protagonists find themselves repeating themselves, experiencing déjà vu and questioning the veracity of their memories....

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03 Mar DFF: SEVENTEEN Late Night Viewing

Join us at Centrala for a late night viewing of our Seventeen Exhibition By Yelena Popova, Nika Neelova and Olga Grotava until 9pm From 5pm  in our downstairs  gallery we will...

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24 Feb Post-Paradise (5)

Concert Series @Centrala, Digbeth   24th February 2017   Post-Paradise is a monthly concert series for New Music in Birmingham, UK. Programming local composers and guests from around the UK and abroad.   This month we...

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22 Feb Herstory LIVE 2017

After a very successful Herstory LIVE in 2016, Artivist are proud to present Herstory LIVE 2017! ''Until the lion has its own historian, tales of hunting will always be of the...

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14 Feb One Day Without Us

Since the June referendum, EU nationals and non-European immigrants in the UK have come under enormous pressure. Hate crimes have risen across the country. Anti-immigrant hostility pours from our newspapers and...

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