Current exhibition

Olga Grotova can be described as a fictional story-teller, deeply interested in the notion of identity and displacement. Her practice encompasses painting, video and performance and often features female characters that question social relationships within their environments.


Debris on a Luminous Plain continues Grotova’s exploration of fictional histories and possible realities through story-telling, installations, video and performances. London-based artist stages an environment of paintings, ceramic props and video work as a set for a new live work to present three female characters engaging in dialogues, confrontations and rituals. Their conversations drift from a small talk to the ecology and the supernatural being. Spooky occurrences in the natural world end up being logical whilst mundane events become symbols of agency and displacement.


The exhibition explores and unravels the spaces in-between the world of destabilised borders where everything bleeds onto one another. The female body becomes simultaneously a physical entity and one embedded in network of politics and ecosystems.



Olga Grotova (b.1986, St Petersburg) is a London based artist. She has graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2016 and has since exhibited in the UK and internationally. Olga Grotova was a member of the Malarmé for the 21st century working group lead by author Tom McCarthy in 2015-2016. In 2018 she organised a performance titled “The First Reading of the Book” with the members of the group at Mimosa House in London. In 2012 Grotova produced a publication “A Joyful Archipelago” with the support from the Outset. In 2016, Olga Grotova was shortlisted for the South London Gallery Graduate Residency and the same year for the Land Securities Award.


Selected exhibitions include Mimosa House (London), Coventry Biennial, Osnova Gallery (Moscow).  Grotova has previously exhibited at Centrala in 2016 as a part of ‘Seventeen’, a three-person exhibition, where she showed paintings and her video work ‘One’ (2016).