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What The Eye Doesn’t Know Karina Marusi?ska

Centrala and Fundacja Art Transparent present:

What The Eye Doesn't Know Karina Marusi?ska
Private view: 22 September 2017, 6-8pm
Artist talk: 23 September 2pm

This exhibition reveals what lies beneath the surface of everyday reality. It shows what happens behind the TV screen, dirty window on a bus, foggy glasses, behind our back and in our preoccupied mind. Those things which we usually don’t notice because we don’t want to, we are not able to, we are afraid of or simply we don’t believe we can achieve. The exhibition is composed of two elements which were realised during a residency in Birmingham. Both of them tell us that looking beneath the surface is worthwhile.

The first element of the exhibition is the effect of a social project named ‘Good Visibility’ which was carried out in West Bromwich.
The project encouraged the local community to participate in social and cultural life, and raised awareness of the possibility of change in their immediate surroundings. In the course of several workshop sessions participants shared their visions of the way they would like to see their world change. As a result the attendees painted individual stained glass pieces (to symbolise the new window through which they will view the world) which created a fascinating and colourful installation. The window became a colourful filter which has been imposed on the colourless reality.

The second part is an artistic interposition named ‘Viewpoint.’
In an open space, the artist installed a typical industrial strip curtain in order to blend a distinct framework in a subtle manner. The work refers to one of the biggest society threats – the fake news phenomenon. We live in the world of post-truth which is driven by more and more sophisticated image manipulation, in the world of a global mistrust.

Project prepared in cooperation with
Creative Black Country

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