Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM

Conversio [“The Topography of Intimacy”]

“Conversio” is a multi-lingual & visual narration based on the stories of migrant women.
The project will consist of a series interviews and video-animations based on these, as well as art design objects, publications and series of literary and artistic workshops.
The main idea behind the project is to investigate the processes of adoption and redefinition of the woman’s past life experience in the context of dramatic changes in life conditions.
Another aim is the analysis of the phenomenon of female emotionality and women’s bodies understood as a feature of memory, a medium of history, alongside changes and reevaluations dependent on external circumstances. “Conversio” refers to the female body, understood as a process-narrative, a developing text. It analyses the phenomenon of the body, which on the one hand is subjected to language, and on the other hand refuses articulation and immunizes itself against words. The body becomes a part of a wider plot, but also as a condition its leading.


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