Exhibition opening: Mateusz Skutnik “Blacky”


15 Jan Exhibition opening: Mateusz Skutnik “Blacky”

Friday 13th February 2015 @Centrala

6pm-8pm, exhibition open until March 17

We are proud to present a collection of illustrations of Mateusz Skutnik,one of the most prominent comic artist in Eastern Europe. The exhibition will show the story of Blacky – a middle-aged guy living in a big city, growing older and being a parent. It is a funny and thought-provoking collection of bittersweet observations.

Blacky might seem to be just a regular guy but there is something very special about the way he looks at the world. Seen through his eyes, daily routines and things that tend to go unnoticed in a busy everyday life serve as triggers for reflection.  Read it, but be warned – you will never look at a mug of cold coffee in the same way again.

Mateusz Skutnik is a nationally acclaimed illustrator, author of comics, writer, computer game designer; Pastel Games co-founder, founder and editor-in-chief of “Vormkvasa”, a long-time collaborator of “Ziniol” magazine.
Skutnik’s works have been shown at exhibitions in Liege, Bologna, Brussels, Bremen, Leipzig, Barcelona, on Tenerife and also in Russia and Poland.

Skutnik is the founder and co-owner of Pastel Games, a firm specializing in the production of flash games for internet browsers. The artist designs and codes the games, and he also creates their graphics. His best-known productions are Submachine, Daymare Town and 10 Gnomes.


His latest book has been published by Centrala Ltd.