Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM

Sunday Xpress - Big Bren’s Combo Album Launch Party

The launch of Big Bren’s Combo’s double live CD.
Two gigs will appear on these discs. The first one is in
glorious hi-fidelity at Miss Halliwell’s ‘The City Tavern Experiment’
event in 2013. The second one was captured on Bren’s
dictaphone at the last Sunday Xpress at the Adam and Eve in 2015.

Both recordings feature crack teams of stalwarts of the
Midlands jazz scenes (line-ups to follow) and a fab array of friends and wandering
minstrels. Saxes, double basses, drums and even a theremin are pulverised as a
backing to the True Bard of Brum’s belligerent pub poetry, and of course fan
favourite ‘Shopping Shopping Shopping’ makes an appearance.

Cost: £8