Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM

Sunday Xpress - BATBI/The Light Program/Carys Hannah

Headlining is the fucking mighty Balaban and the Bald Illeagles. Hard working Black Country bastards, as I've said before, the sound of Jeff Buckley and his mates shovelling you into the back of their transit and taking you for a bumpy ride around Tipton, no headlights.

Next up - troubadour Joe Smith and his new band The Light Programme - most edifying for the spirit madam with a false sense of security in comfortable hands. Great songs, great look. The KNOWLEDGE.

And! Fresh from launching her debut book 'Broken Compass' published by Burning Eye is the magnificent Carys Hannah - a one-woman show with loop pedals, an array of instruments and rhymes and reason to set your watch by. And she's going to bring her fucking mates.

I've sworn twice in that above blurb. But I don't care (see punk-rock I am great.)

Doors 4 show starts 5. Open mic is available for the first few hours as usual - future headliners, old friends - it's all yours. Compared by the lovely Big Brendan Higgins whom as you all know is the compere who all else MUST be judged by.

Free in BUT in these austerity times donations will be much appreciated. We will be passing around Bren's Big Bucket (!) at suitable intervals in the show.


Phone: 0121 513 0240

Cost: £6
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