Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM
Film / Exhibition

Refugee Week: Online Screening of 'Conversio' by Malgorzata

As a part of Refugee Week we would like to invite you to a screening of Malgorzata Dawidek's films comprising 'Conversio'

'Conversio' was created through collage process, which was inspired by the embroidery made by migrant women who participated in a workshop led my Malgorzata.

The attention-grabbing film is a riot of kaleidoscopic forms and morphing body parts set to a mish-mashed soundtrack of women’s voices recounting their stories, some original and accented, some translated. Floating, speaking lips, disembodied limbs arranged in bizarre flower shapes, and disconnected facial features all provide a strange and engaging accompaniment to these tales of dislocation, making surreally visual the sense of not knowing how to belong.

In a review of Dawidek's exhibition at Centrala in 2015, Helena Haimes writes:
"Małgorzata Dawidek has succeeded in casting her own, deeply sympathetic and idiosyncratic light on the UK’s migrant population, humanising and bringing their experiences to life in a way that a British artist could never have hoped to."

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