Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM

Kaleidoscope - International Romanian Blouse Week 2020

Va invitam sa sarbatorim impreuna simboluri romanesti de traditie si cultura in aceasta saptamana construita in jurul Zilei Internationale a Iei. De data aceasta, tinand cont de restrictiile generate de #covid19 si cu gandul la siguranta fiecaruia dintre noi, dorim sa pastram evenimentul virtual si sa lansam o competitie de fotografie.

Incepem prin a promova ospitalitatea romaneasca si a invita si celelalte comunitati sa se alature si sa ne insoteasca in saptamana pe care dorim sa o numim #kaleidoscope #virtual promovand astfel identitatea noastra si respectul unii fata de altii in comunitatile in care ne aflam.

Va invitam sa participati cu fotografii care arata obiecte traditionale lucrate de romani din diaspora sau din tara.
Vor fi doua categorii:
1. fotografii romanesti (pentru romanii din diaspora)
2. fotografii internationale (pentru alte comunitati care doresc sa participe)

Multumim inca o data pentru inspiratie La blouse roumaine si ne bucuram sa vedem ca Institutul Cultural Roman promoveaza o initiativa similara.

Ce puteti include in fotografii?
- elemente de gastronomie romaneasca
- vestimentatie traditionala autentica
- arta si mestesug: ceramica, stergare, etc
- elemente de mestesug si traditie reinterpretate

Toate elementele prezentate trebuie sa fie autentice.

Speram sa putem construi la final un caleidoscop colorat, o imagine a diasporei romanesti in comunitatile in care convietuieste.



The international Romanian Blouse day is celebrated every year around two other major celebrations: Sanziene (Summer Solstice; Pagan) and St. John the Baptist (Christian). The first international celebration took place in 2013 across 48 countries, 109 cities and encompassing 143 events. As part of the Romanian Diaspora, we are keen to take part and, through this event and others, maintain and share our own cultural identity. Every year, we try to do it better.

This year, considering the context, we decided to go for a virtual event and open it up to allow us to share our culture and tradition while discovering those of established communities.

We chose "kaleidoscope" as we believe each community brings a little bit of colour and contributes to the overall image of the location it finds itself in. As Romanians, we pride ourselves on our hospitality and would love it if you would join us in a week long photography competition promoting elements of culture, authentic arts & crafts, gastronomy that are dear to your heart.

We have 2 categories for this competition:
1. Romanian
2. Guest (International)

What can you include in your photos?
- gastronomy
- traditional clothing
- arts & crafts elements

Help us put the puzzle together :)

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