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Celebrating Sanctuary Presents: Emerging Artists Exhibition Launch

Throughout lockdown CSB has been working with a group of emerging artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds to develop their arts practice and create new work. They have been supported in this process by artist mentors and CSB staff. 
We are really pleased to present a showcase of work by 3 artists created through this project, and a little insight into their journey to get there. We hope that you will join us to experience the talents of these up and coming artists.
Samah Karwi
Artist - Samah Karwi - Worked with mentor Naziah Angel-Bottley
In developing her technique, use of colour and materials and preparing her work for presentation. Samah is originally from Iraq and has been living in the UK for 3 years.
Lazo Bastan
Artist - Lazo Bastan - Worked with mentor Jane Thakoordin
In creative techniques and artistic representation of her ideas, and in preparing her work for presentation. Lazo is originally from Kurdistan.
Farisai Dzemwa
Artist - Farisai Dzemwa - Worked with mentors Sandra Carter & Ola Brown
To develop the various aspects of her creative project and to complete and release 2 books relating to her journey. Farisai is originally from Zimbabwe.
Plus a live performance by Millicent Chapanda – outside by the canal
Millicent Chapanda
A Zimbabwean musician and creative cultural artist, mbira player, singer dancer and percussionist. A captivating and spellbinding performance of Mbira and song with engaging rhythms from the deep cultural well and heritage of Zimbabwe. Millicent is a proud cultural artist with a vibrant mission to bring the lived experience of women in Zimbabwe onto international world music stages.
Although her music goes deep into ancient Shona cultural heritage, it's clear that Millicent is keen to sing out loud on gender issues and the barriers affecting women in the diaspora & back in Zimbabwe, and this gives her performances a real cutting edge.
Supported by ACE and Birmingham City Council


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