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All Systems Go: Kai Chareunsy Call Out

Over the last year our movement has been restricted and we’ve been forced to spend more time in the spaces directly around us. Everyone has had a different experience of lockdown whether positive or negative, but ultimately our relationships to the spaces around us have changed. 


As part of Centrala Online I am asking for video submissions of a space which has been a part of your lockdown, this could be a park, workspace, garden, the view out your window or your favourite chair: anything you like! The video should be approx. 1 min and the camera should be stationary when filming the space. If you felt comfortable to be in the video talking a bit about the space then this would be great as well, but equally the space alone is fine. 


If this is something that you would be interested in then please follow these 3 steps:


Make a short (1min) video of your space in landscape mode (phone cameras are fine!)

Upload to

Email to detailing where the video was made and the name you would like to appear in the credits. 


Deadline is Monday 19th April 2021. 


Thank you for your interest. 



Phone: 0121 513 0240