[CANCELLED] Damian Wawrzyniak Presents: Polish Feast @ Centrala

[CANCELLED] Damian Wawrzyniak Presents: Polish Feast @ Centrala

We are pleased to announce that Polish Celebrity chef Damian Wawrzyniak is doing a culinary tour of the UK, with Centrala being one of his stops!

Wawrzyniak and his team of talented chefs will serve selection of dishes, containing meat, fish, preserved fruits, pickled vegetables. They will be using different cooking techniques, will describe each dish during feast, and will talk about ingredients and history of our food.

“How many of you heard about #Pierogies? #Bigos? #Smalec…How many of you have tried home made traditional #PolishFood?

We Poles love food, we love feast and we love to talk about how it was prepared by our mum, grannie or auntie…

Now is time to be part of this very special journey, a journey of love and flavours, passion and happiness.”