Current exhibition

QAI/CEE by Karol Radziszewski

Karol Radziszewski presents a rich selection of Central and Eastern European queer archive materials from the collection of the Queer Archives Institute (QAI). The QAI, established by Radziszewski in November 2015, is a non-profit artist-run organisation dedicated to research, collection, digitalisation, presentation, exhibition, analysis and artistic interpretation of queer archives, with special focus on the countries of the former Eastern Bloc. The QAI is a long-term project open to transnational collaboration with artists, activists and academic researchers. The Institute carries out a variety of activities and projects – from exhibitions, publications, lectures, and installations to performances.The “QAI/CEE” exhibition also features Radziszewski’s photographs and video works.

Associated Events:
10th November (Friday)
10:30am-6pm: Art Seminar: Queering Archives from East, South & West of Europe

6pm – provate view + afterparty: DJ Queerzone3000 and performance artists: Mama Mamba, Ginny Lemon.

11th November (Saturday)
11am – 3pm Arts Collective Eastern States of Queer will host a KILIM making workshop and discussion for children and families in the Centrala Space
6-8pm Kisieland- film screening and artist talk

Exhibition continues until 6/01/2018