Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6PM

Community events and online activities

We want to ensure that our Central Eastern European (CEE) communities are provided with ample opportunities to participate and engage in the spaces they inhabit. We believe by increasing the visibility of our communities we can positively and collectively reduce the barriers of community cohesion and raise awareness of hate crimes and the laws in place to protect our communities. As part of our Connecting Communities programme we facilitate regular events and celebrations presenting CEE art and culture to the wider communities of Birmingham. We present opportunities to learn about and interact with CEE communities, alongside them simultaneously whilst individuals maintain a sense of cultural identity.

Calendar of Eastern European events
With the help of members of our Community Forums we are creating a calendar of traditional celebrations from different Central and Eastern European countries that will showcase the diversity within CEE communities and create a blueprint for future community events.

CEE Neighbourhood Forums
We run neighbourhood forums in Erdington, Handsworth and Acocks Green, where attendees actively participate in shaping the conversations. The forum also acts as a means to link communities to local services, existing groups and is often joined by local authority members.

CEE Leaders Forum
CEE Leaders Forum is a network of community leaders from different CEE countries that meets on a regular basis to discuss the challenges our communities face due to marginalisation, impact of current events - that include Brexit, COVID-19, changes in immigration legislation, and steps
we can take together to support them.

Digbeth First Friday
We regularly take part in Digbeth First Friday (DFF) where we showcase CEE arts to the wider audiences of Birmingham. DFF is a monthly event where Digbeth comes alive on the first Friday of each month with exhibitions, late-night openings, special events, culture in unexpected spaces, live music, street food and more.



Community Champions and drop-in sessions

Community Champions training programme

We believe for our communities to truly thrive we must elevate those within our communities who can take on the role of Community Champions, those who will lead our communities and proactively ensure effective change for the better.

Our Community Champion Scheme offers comprehensive training to 12 community leaders to gain skills in community engagement work, fundraising, leadership, networking, event management and outreach along with micro grants to initiate community groups and/or activities leading to community development.

Drop-in advice sessions

We hold regular drop-in sessions for members of our communities to help them navigate support networks in public services and start important conversations that remain cultural taboo, such as domestic violence and mental health. As part of our Connecting Communities programme we host regular drop-in sessions for our communities in the areas of:

● Housing
● Welfare
● Accessing public services (e.g. domestic violence, mental health, substance misuse)
● Community cohesion/integration/social networks
● EU Settlement Scheme application support

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