Centrala is NPO!

Centrala is NPO!

Last Tuesday, we were delighted to learn that Centrala had been included in the Arts Council England National Portfolio 2018-2022! It means that we will receive a funding which will give us the chance to expand our programme and provide more opportunities for artists. This will allow us to further promote Central and Eastern European Art.

Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England said: “Polish Expats promotes Eastern European culture and heritage through a strong visual art programme and we’re delighted to be welcoming them into the national portfolio for the next four years. Diversity is at the heart of contemporary England and it will be great to see them provide opportunities for everyone to experience and share Eastern European culture.”

Our director, Alicja Kaczmarek, said: “I’m so delighted we have received this investment from Arts Council. It will secure our gallery and will enable us to grow and develop and provide an even more ambitious art programme. The whole team worked very hard to develop Centrala and we are so happy to achieve this amazing success. Being included is not something we could even imagine when we started 2,5 years ago but we are amazed how well received our programme is.”

Being part of the Arts Council England National Portfolio will help us in our mission to bring communities together and create ties between people.

We thank you for your support and we are ready to start this new chapter!