Art Monthly Review of Seventeen

Art Monthly Review of Seventeen

Art Monthly March 2017 cover


“With her film One, 2016, Grotova creates a jumbled, repetitive timeline as her three female protagonists find themselves repeating themselves, experiencing déjà vu and questioning the veracity of their memories. While this plays into the exhibition’s overriding theme of circular time and the cycles of history, it also serves as a metanarrative for the function of film within the gallery, where actions repeat themselves by the simple fact that the film is played on a loop. Grotova’s protagonists want to escape their narrative loop, but the nature of the exhibition means that they never will, that they will be stuck repeating themselves every eight minutes until the exhibition ends.”

In the March 2017 edition of Art Monthly, Tom Emery provided a wonderful review of the ongoing Seventeen exhibition as part of the magazine’s Birmingham roundup. The roundup, which also features shows at Eastside Projects and Grand Union, effectively analyses the subtle intricacies of Yelena Popova, Nika Neelova, and Olga Grotova’s collaborative project.Art Monthly March 2017 cover 72dpiExhibiting in the Centrala loft gallery until March 25th,  Seventeen explores the multiplicities and narratives of the Anthropocene; using Seventeen, synonymous with revolution in the trio’s native Russia, as the focal point to interrogate memories of the past alongside deteriorating visions of the future.

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